Friday, December 05, 2008

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Eccentric Soul: The Young Disciples

Ann Peebles-Straight From the Heart

Blank Dogs-On Two Sides

Blank Dogs-The Fields EP

After taking some legal advice from someone who's opinion on these sorts of things I hold in high regard I'm relatively confident that I can't be prosecuted for most of the links I have posted. I can really only have my blog eventually shutdown. So fuck you and your army of laywers, you bloated horder of intellectual property! I defy you!!
as is sometimes the case in life, Kanye West has personally fucked me. Yesterday, I might have posted a link to his new album somewhere online. Upon waking up this morning I discovered an email in my inbox comprised of a bunch of legal jargon and the dreaded acronym RIAA. After initially freaking out and parsing over all the litigious mumbo jumbo a few hundred times I've come to the conclusion that I'm not being sued. It was essentially notification from blogger that they've taken down the post in which the link initially surfaced after having received a cease and desist from the RIAA. But that's a little too close for comfort and enough to make me consider going underground for awhile. I haven't totally made up my mind. Part of me thinks I'm pretty much in the clear since I don't actually upload any files myself and instead merely share pre-exisiting links. But another part of me says that doesn't matter for shit. Perhaps I'll simply start a new invite only blog tucked away in some inconspicuous corner of the internet, since the entire point of Beulahland in the first place was to share music with my friends.