Friday, February 22, 2008

El Guincho-Alegranza

Much like the beginning of last year, I am being inundated wih amazing new music to share. In the next number of days I hope to be able to get as much of it up as possible. This is a good jumping off point as many of you will have no doubt been tipped off to this one by Pitchforkmedia by now. I'm wary of typing that, as it may automatically turn the few of you I know who don't keep regular tabs on that website (a belief I totally understand and respect). But believe me your distaste for Pitchfork's multitude of shortcomings might very well be trumped by your future love for the 40 minutes of ear-orgy contained in Alegranza.

I have been known to wax poetic on the virtues of artists such as M.I.A. and Panda Bear in the past. Particularly in my ardent belief that they are pioneering new ground in pop music to mythic proportions and helping to usher in, for the first time in pop music's history, a true global musical tradition. Well, you can add El GUincho's Alegranza to that list.

Totally refreshing, celebratory, psychedelic, innovative song-writing with all the familiar DNA that makes pop music so appealing.

highly recommended!!!

Coming soon... Bradford Cox and Cole Alexander Ghetto Cross, French divas Yelle and Lykke Li, and the band I've been freaking out more than any other this year, SALEM.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Monday, February 18, 2008

Franco Battiato-Fetus

Franco Battiato is an italian experimental songwriter. He began his career covering Italian pop songs in the 1960's. In 1970 he collaborated with infamous Italian psych act Osage Tribe. Soon after, his music took a decided turn towards the experimental side of pop song-writing. Franco's music became increasingly minimal and began to incorporate electronic elements. The three albums Fetus (1970), Pollution (1972), and Clic (1974) aptly represent his gradual shift from experimental pop not entirely removed from the tradition of Os Mutantes and even Brian Eno into something more akin to minimalism and musique concrete.

Guilty Simpson-Ode To The Ghetto

Clinic-Do It!


Friday, February 08, 2008