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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Quiet Village-Silent Movie

At first you're like 'ok this is the album that DJ Shadow could've made after Endtroducing... but didn't... However, Give it a second to settle in. It's got a much more patient pace. And because it doesn't demand quite as much from you Silent Movie starts to take on the qualities of an ambient album... One with a solid groove all the way throughout. Great sex music.


I can't really find much info on this band anywhere on the internet. I know they're from Kitwe, Zambia. And I know they're 1975 album, Africa, is pretty much the soundtrack to my spring.
Found it on a messageboard called hipopinions. here's what guy had to say about it:

'From Zambia, Africa, 1975. LP in an edition of 450 numbered copies, with glossy heavy sleeve, 180 gram pressing. Amanaz was formed in 1973. Three songs are in the native language Bemba, and 9 songs in English, recorded in Kitwe, the 3rd biggest city in Zambia up north. Musically, it goes in the same direction as Blo, The Witch and Question Mark, but this album is way cooler and stoned with amazing fuzz guitar all over which sounds like an African version of early Cream. The cover makes it look very traditional but after a few spins, you are aware that this one is very special. It's so cool, so tightly-produced and easily compares with UK underground albums with a touch of African beats. Still completely unknown, so this album has not been scored yet by the collectors' scene. A real surprise.'

a real surprise is right. That's not the half of it. This is some freaky, funked up shit.