Thursday, November 29, 2007

Silvinha- Silvinha (1971)
Another great album of completely bat-shit insane pop music from brazil. it's got some jazzy brazilian pop sensibility but also features some wailing psych fuzz guitars and Silvinha's bizarre scream singing, which turns most of it into some kind of funky acid soul rock freak-out. no matter how poppy they tried to make this one, silvinha's vocals are always really weird, even on the kinda icky orchestrated song. a strange and fun album from a very drug-induced era of Brazilian music... "Voce Já Morreu E Se Esqueceu De Deitar" makes me wanna dance around my apartment like a drunken fool.

Wu Tang Clan-8 Diagrams Mixtape

John Maus-Love is Real

Review excerpts from John Maus's myspace profile:

"It took this Ariel Pink cohort five years to write and record his debut album, and only five minutes to become more annoying than Ariel Pink.

For me, this is just too weird. The first couple of tracks make this the most skip-able album of 2006.
-Subba Cultcha

Apparently, Maus spent five years working on this album, which is a shame because, frankly, its awful.

There isn't one song you could call 'good' on the whole album.
-Music Zine

Overall, I can't recommend this album even as a novelty listen. Maybe I just don't get it. It seems as if Maus sabotages practically any hint of an interesting melody, lyric, or instrumental part with a blatantly grating one at almost every turn.
-Indie Workshp

Maus's baroquely deadpan voice - and thats being polite - effectively spoils many a song. Some will hear a little Nick Cave in it; others will hear a man crapping out of his mouth.
-Drowned in Sound

If it is supposed to be funny, it is not. If it is meant seriousy, then Maus needs some SERIOUS help.
-Another Zine"

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cleveland's finest 70s funkadelic heavy acid soul rock band's only album. the opening track "Living in the Ghetto" is one to add to your mix tape... the 15 minute phased-out closing track is a bit excessive, but overall it's another great lost album that needs to be heard.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

if you haven't been following the underground hype so far, here's a quick update. Les Rallizes Denudes were a group of Japanese noise terrorists who, from the late 60s until 90s, played the loudest, most misanthropic, minimal 'rock' music never recorded. due to leader Takashi Mizutani's hatred of recording studios, the band never released a studio album (except for the posthumous 'mizutani'), so the entire history of the band has to be researched by diving into a massive amount of semi-official bootlegs and cd-r box sets. LRD's sound is characterized by retardedly simple "my girl"-meets-krautrock bass grooves that sound like they may collapse at any moment. when Mizutani decides to 'sing', he unleashes various yelps, gurgles and frail, damaged melodies all sent through way too much echo. and all of it is buried under the unholy amount of feedback coming from Mizutani's guitar amps. a comparison to the Velvet Underground is the closest thing anyone can come up with... they also had an exploding plastic inevitable-style lightshow for a while. they were originally connected to experimental filmmaker/performance artist shuji terayama, who kicked them out of his theater troup when they refused to turn their amps down. and they continued to play the loudest, most fucked up music in existence for the next 30 years... despite their total obscurity outside of japan (or in japan, for that matter) up until recently, they've been extremely influential in the world of Japanese psych/noise/rock; it's doubtful that the Acid Mothers, High Rise, LSD March, Boris, Keiji Haino or any of the others would be quite the same without their influence.

December's Black Children is probably one of the better quality bootlegs out there, it's from 1980. find out why this is my favorite band...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Surrent-Little Internets

The Cool Kids-Totally Flossed OUt EP

I'm going to se M.I.A. tonight at The Roseland. I'm almost as excited to see The Cool Kids as I am her. The snare on "88" reminds me of the maintenance guy at The Everrett Street Lofts. He was this really srange Californian who listened to a lot of Bread and would always show up in the weirdest places without any warning to stare me down as I walked by. Once he scared the living shit out of me by popping up out of heavy refuse dumpster when I was taking the garbage out. I never really knew him all that well. Our relationship centered around me occasionally peering into the van he was living out of in the garage. But he loved Mark. And used to tell him about chasing crack dealers off the block by pounding a baseball bat on the curb, red-faced and screaming, "NO, DO YOU HAVE THE TIME, MOTHERFUCKER!?!?!"

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