Monday, September 14, 2009

Aspic Tines - Crypto-Superzeit! International



"For those who do not yet know or to be passed next to its previous albums, Aspic Tines is a completely atypical electro composer. True to its expansion path, "Crypto Superzeit International" and contrary to what the title would have us believe, this album does not mark a new direction in his musical, or even in the sphere electro synth pop, but rather advance hypnotic melodies against a backdrop of rising electro beat in any light, to finish on a minute's dub, or even by industry yet. The most surprising of this album is probably "Music of the Spheres", while track and sensual curves. "Der Gesagt Punk" shows his talent here to give us a little more than a few minutes of pure happiness, a bit minimalist nu-soul entirely built on a clapping and a few more sound wave. A project once again completely unique and personal, as though pulling the strings of visual music industry, Aspic Tines is stylish and always in the service of creation, whether musical or visual. 4 Stars."

Jim O'Rourke-The Visitor

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