Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Kraftwerk- K4 Live Bremen Radio 1971
Kraftwerk+Neu!=Heavy Metal Kids

maybe their best recording. totally heavy motorik grooves from the pre-robot era with the Neu! dudes before they split to pursue the repetitive krautpunk grail.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Uncle Wiggly's Favorite Albums of 2007 which may or may not be in any order at all:
  • Silvester Anfang- Kosmies Schlactaval (Belgo cult mutants rape the corpse of freak folk, best album cover and artwork of the year= pictures of goats and girls licking skulls)
  • 16 Bitch Pile-Up- Bury Me Deep (imaginary 80s slasher soundtrack from the queens of noise. sound effects pounding the inside of your brain. headphone album of the year)
  • Panda Bear- Person Pitch (now let's stop talking about how sweet it is)
  • Cadaver in Drag- Raw Child (pure fucking evil, Julian Cope's album of the month so you know it's good, right?)
  • The Bad Trips- s/t (amazing.)
  • Flower/Corsano Duo- The Radiant Mirror (stonedrone masterpiece)
  • Wooden Shjips- s/t (or anything else they put out this year...)
  • Kemialliset Ystavat- s/t (these fairie-piss-drinkers continue to raise the bar for finnish psych folk noise)
  • Burning Star Core- Amelia (well, everything C Spencer Yeh put out this year ruled, but this one got the most plays on my stereo)
  • Group Inerane- Guitars From Agadez (best Sublime Frequencies release yet? heavy Nigerian guitar sounds that kicks that overproduced Tiniwaren album's ass)
  • Sword Heaven- Entrance (intense feral monstrosity from one of my favorite live acts of the year)
  • Caribou- Andorra (the perfect summer album... two months too late. thank goodness for the internets)
  • Eric Copeland- Hermaphrodite (too fucked for words)
  • Hair Police- The Empty Quarter (they rule.)
  • Black Dice- Load Blown (if you're too cool to dance, get the fuck out of the way)
  • Blues Control- Puff (this is what tangerine dream should sound like)
  • Acid Eater- Virulent Fuzz Punk A.C.I.D. (Masonna reincarnated as the second coming of ? & the Mysterians. it was bound to happen eventually...)
  • Islaja- Ulual yyy (maybe not her best record, but give me a couple months and i'll be laying on the floor crying uncontrollably while listening to it. thumbs up for pulling off the addition of saxophones)
  • Mats Gustafsson & Yoshimi- Words on the Floor (ummm... wow.)
you can find a bunch of these in the archives. or you could go buy them, jerk. i'm probably forgetting a bunch of great records, but it was a busy year. here's to another year of mind-melting music!

Friday, December 14, 2007


Eckords 'is the first release by Flash Lights, the duo of Liz Harris
(better known as Grouper) and Bay Area sound sculptor Jorge Behringer.
Here, Liz's spectral vocal transmissions (the ones that blew our collective
minds on last year's superb opus "Way Their Crept") are augmented by
disorienting field recordings, bubbling electronics, meditative guitar lines,
and Jorge's angelic, processed viola. Each piece is unique and bursting with
vibrant, otherworldly energy, running the gamut from almost poppy (!)
songforms, to distant choral ghost codas, and moving effortlessly from
seering blasts of electronics to calm, glacially evolving, painstakingly
wrought towers of dynamic vocal murk. Beautifully mastered by Pete Swanson,
presented in a sleeve adorned with Liz's wonderful black and white artwork.'-Complicated Dance Steps

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kelly's Birthday Winter Mix

Happy Birthday Kelly. Here's your Birthday Mix. Which is probably the most epic mix I've ever made. It's certainly the longest. I did my best split it into two halves while keeping a decent flow. The first "side" is all the moody wintery stuff. The second is mostly ice cold beats and shit. I bookended it with a few slower pieces to bring it all full circle. And then I tacked on an Elliot Smith song on the end, cause duh.

All in all it's 30 songs long, and along with being your birthday mix, and a winter mix, it's also contains mostly songs released in 2007, with a small handful of exceptions. So maybe it's a year in review mix. No, fuck that. There's a bunch of songs I left off of it that would need to be on there.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. I'll see you next Tuesday.



P.S. I'm pretty sure it won't be in the right order when you open the .zip so here's the tracklisting:

Lee Moses-Adorable One
Atlas Sound-Recent Bedroom
Caribou-Yo Yo
Cocteau Twins-Ice Pulse
Clinic-Sunshine Boy
Panda Bear-Take Pills
John Cale & Terry Riley-The Soul of Patrick Lee
George Delerue-Camille
The Tenniscoats-Oetsu to Kanki no Nanoriuta
Jens Lekman-Shirin
Giles, Giles, & Fripp-Little Children
Feu Therese-Nada
Otis Redding and the Pinetoppers-Shout Bamalama
Glass Candy-Getto Boys
M.I.A. ft. Bun B & Rich Boy-Paper Planes
Fred Falke & Alan Braxe-Rubicon
DJ Copy-Tha Crossroads
The Field-Everyday
Crystal Castles-Airwar
Gui Boratto-Beautiful Life
John Maus-Do Your Best
The Chromatics-I'm on Fire
Antony & The Johnsons-Fistful of Love
Bonnie "prince" Billy-Kelly
Bjork-Boho Dance
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band-Peon
Radiohead-4 Minute Warning
Elliot Smith-Whatever (Folk Song in C)hg?%^

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Horrific Child - L'├ętrange Monsieur Whinster
Creepy French progadelic ethno freakout from Jean-Pierre Massiera (of Les Maledictus Sound & Chico Magnetic Band's killer "Pop Pull Hair"). The cover should indicate how much you need this album.

Basil Kirchin- Worlds Within Worlds Pt. 1
early drone/experimental sounds from legendary soundtrack composer & king of library music, Mr. Basil Kirchin.

Fuck Buttons-Sweet Love for Planet Earth

Beach House-Devotion

Lee Moses-Time and Place

Monday, December 03, 2007

Radiohead-In Rainbows CD2

For those of you too poor to shell out $80. Note: this is not the full cd quality version of the disc, as I haven't received my discbox yet. But it's sounds fine nonetheless.